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BAER clinic at Meeker

There will be a BAER hearing clinic on Thursday and Friday (September 7 & 8) at the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trial, all day starting around 8:30 am. No signups are required, but dogs must be ABCA or CBCA registered. Dogs do not need to be entered in the trial, but they must contact Maym in advance to be allowed entry to the grounds.  She’s at


Time to renew your membership!

January 1 marks the beginning of the 2017 MPBCA membership year. Enjoy the company of friends while working your dogs; participate in clinics, fun days, and trials; and support your local border collie herding association—download and send in your MPBCA 2017 Member Form today!


Pet Wellness Clinic Health Day Clinic

The Pet Wellness Clinic is hosting a Health Day for pet owners and breeders on Saturday, March 18th from 9am – 1pm. Attached is the Health Day Registration Form March 2017. Please fill out your information at the top and select the tests you would like for your dog(s) below. The registration form must be completed and emailed or faxed back to The Pet Wellness Clinic by Tuesday, March 14th.
Dr. Richard Wheeler (reproduction) will be available for breeder services; Dr. Mike Jewell will perform OFA radiographs and patella checks; Dr. Brenda McClelland will perform various blood tests (including OFA thyroid), microchips and hearing tests (BAER’s).
Dr. Jan Bright (cardiology) and Dr. Cynthia Powell (ophthalmology) will be at the Health Day; however, a minimum of 15 dogs must be signed up for OFA cardiac and CERF exams or these options will be cancelled. We will contact you to let you know their status before the event.
All health day participants will be informed of their appointment time on Thursday the 16th!
Please call The Pet Wellness Clinic with questions 970-282-9719
or email registration forms to
or fax to 970-282-0291


MPBCA Annual Meeting, Saturday November 5th starting at 10 am

This will be held at the home of Bob and Irene Stoller, 5910 Galatia Road, Longmont. We will have a pot luck lunch following the meeting (please bring something to share!) and there will be an opportunity to work dogs ($10 per dog). Ballots for the open positions of President and Secretary are in the mail so please remember to vote!



April Board Meeting Minutes

Mountain & Plains Border Collie Association Board Meeting Minutes

A board meeting of the MPBCA was held on April 20, 2016 at Johnny Carino’s, Loveland, CO.
The meeting was called to order by President, Cathy Balliu at 6:20pm. Those in attendance were Vice President, Myra Wilensky, Secretary, Barb Biller, Treasurer, Karen Kloverstrom and Member At Large, Paula Morgan.

Main focus of the meeting

1) Revisiting the bylaws – amendment so they can be changed?
After contacting the members of the committee formed to look into amending the bylaws, the plan is to put this question on the ballot along with the annual voting for new board members in the Fall. The question will be whether the bylaws should be amended to allow for the option of electronic voting in addition to traditional paper ballot voting.

2) DGNS trial locations and dates
Karen reported that 4 locations have been identified for the DGNS trials this year although specific dates have not yet been set. The locations will be at the fields of Pam Bruns (Wellington), Laura Esterman (Boulder), Lise Andersen (Black Forest) and Susan Squires (Parker).

3) Upcoming activities
The group discussed various ideas for activities for 2016. Those discussed including instinct testing (to potentially encourage new members to join the group and grow the novice member pool), a basic sheep husbandry clinic and a farm/ranch trial. Cathy offered to coordinate the sheep care clinic, tentatively set for some time in May.

Next meeting: The next board meeting was set for Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at the Bent Fork in Loveland, CO.



March Board Meeting Minutes

Mountain & Plains Border Collie Association Board Meeting Minutes

A board meeting of the MPBCA was held on March 10, 2016 at Chili’s Grill, Loveland, CO.
Those in attendance were Vice President Myra Wilensky, Treasurer Karen Kloverstrom, and Member At Large Paula Morgan.

Treasurer’s Report: Karen provided an update that MPBCA gets .05% on purchases from Amazon Smile.

Membership Report: There are 26 members including the board.

Upcoming Activities: The group discussed various ideas for activities and venues for the DGNS for 2016. The activities committee includes Barb, Cathy, Paula and Myra. Cathy will be looking into other sites for trials, perhaps some arenas for arena trials. The group also discussed some potential fundraiser activities like instinct herding tests to raise funds and to bring in new members. The National Sheepdog Finals will be held in Carbondale, CO, on September 13-18, 2016.

Revisiting the Bylaws: The group discussed the issue of rewording the bylaws to allow for electronic voting and paper voting for the computer challenged.  The committee members are Barb, Pam, Laura, and Carol Lucero.

Next Meeting: Tentatively set for either Monday, April 18 or Thursday, April 21, 2016 at Carinos in Loveland, CO.



Support MPBCA with your purchases on

Now, you can support the Mountain & Plains Border Collie Association by shopping at It an easy and painless way to support our local working dogs—and you don’t have to spend any extra money. Every time you shop at, Amazon makes a donation to MPBCA. Just follow this link to set up your account:



Stolen border collie!

Update: We are so very sorry to report that Jim was found; he’d been hit by a car and killed. Our condolences go to Dianna on this very tough loss of a good dog.

Dianna Willmon’s tri border collie, Jim, was stolen out of her yard in Sterling, Colorado, Wednesday, May 8th at about 4 a.m.  Dianna heard a noise shortly after letting Jim and her older BC out. She looked out the window to see a vehicle slowly heading over the hill and down the highway. Too dark, no description of the vehicle. Jim is microchipped and is a trained trial dog. Please watch Craigslist and any other places with dogs for sale. If you have any info please contact Dianna. 1-970-580-1575 or Sterling, CO police.

JIM email