Dedicated to maintaining the border collie as a working stockdog

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MPBCA Membership Profile

The MPBCA membership includes a diverse group of Border Collie enthusiasts.  Current members in the MPBCA range from full-time ranchers who use their dogs for daily stock work, to individuals who consider their Border Collies pets yet still want to provide an outlet for the dogs’ natural instinct.  Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and possess varying levels of knowledge about Border Collies and working stock.  The common thread within every member is the dedication to the Border Collie breed as a working stockdog.

Member Benefits

Benefits include reduced rates on many MPBCA activities, access to the club’s insurance for events and trials, the ability to post items for sale or rent in the classifieds, voting privileges, access to the club’s extensive lending library and equipment, email notification of activities and other items of interest, and—best of all—you’ll be supporting your local sheepdog community!

Members also enjoy networking with others interested in activities with their Border Collies. They participate in many fun and educational events, and, most importantly, they provide their Border Collies with an opportunity to do what they have been bred to do for hundred of years.

Membership dues are $25 for an individual membership or $30 for a family membership per calendar year.

You can find the membership form here: MPBCA 2017 Member Form.